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Where legal teams turn for reliable help with their clients’ trusts.

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The Importance of Trust Administration

Properly establishing and funding your trust is fundamental to asset protection. Competently administering that trust when the time comes is just as important. But, distributing assets to your beneficiaries in the way you intend can be complicated. There’s a lot of paperwork involved, and the steps must be followed precisely.

Poor administration could lead to lengthy delays or, worse, litigation issues. There’s even the possibility of exposure to various creditors and predators. These are costly consequences that defeat the purpose of estate planning in the first place.

Our Approach to Supporting the Administration of Your Trust

Legal teams want their clients’ beneficiaries to actually benefit. That’s why they work with our advisors who understand this complex area. We bring the expert attention to detail they need to complete the administration process smoothly and securely.

Our law partners’ clients are our clients, which makes your family our top priority. We guide them through everything they need to know in order to carry out your wishes. You’ve worked hard to provide for the next generation, and we work just as hard to see it through.

Get in touch with an Elder Life Advisor today to learn more about how we work with your law firm to successfully administer your trust.

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For Law Firms

You put exceptional trusts in place for your clients. The last thing you want is to run into complications at the very end on a technicality. We make sure that doesn’t happen. Let’s talk about what we can do to help you see your clients’ plans through smoothly and reliably.