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Asset Integration for Estate Plans

We’re proud to be your law firm’s trusted financial partner.

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The Importance of Asset Integration

Integrating your financial and legal strategies is a critical step in retirement planning. Accounting for so many moving parts requires experts on both sides checking each and every box. Improper execution could have dire consequences for your estate.

  • Assets must be moved to fund your trust, otherwise it has no value.

  • Incorrectly titling accounts such as IRAs may have huge tax implications.

  • Failure to update beneficiary designations could cause inheritance issues.

  • Overlooking insured language on certain policies jeopardizes protection.

Our Approach to Integrating Your Assets

We’re proud to support estate planning attorneys across the US in creating airtight plans for their clients. Our specialists go far beyond basic paperwork and administrative details. They understand how financial products work with legal strategies, making them hands-on partners throughout the process. The result is a holistic planning experience offering security and assurances for your family’s future.

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