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Cost of Care in Your State

Long-term care expenses are steep and only getting steeper.

Calculate Your Projected Costs

Hundreds of billions of dollars are spent each year on healthcare. Even though government benefits and private insurance bear a portion of it, this relief isn’t evenly spread. Nor is coverage 100% in many cases.

Although costs vary across the country, there’s one universal constant: they are high. To see just how high, select your state for projected expenses in common healthcare areas.

Median Costs: National (2020)

In Home Care

Homemaker Services1 $

 Cost $

Home Health Aide1 $

 Cost $

Community and Assisted Living

Assisted Living Facility3 $

 Cost $

Nursing Home Facility

Private Room2 $

 Cost $

The Time to Plan Is Right Now
Even if you can afford health aides and assisted living, is this really where you want all your money to go? We’ll make sure you receive the care you need without depleting your hard-earned assets. Reach out for a free consultation today so we can start writing you a rulebook that guarantees your welfare and your estate.

Plan for Healthcare Costs Now